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by Kyzrati on 14.4.12 , under

I made a simple sprite set for fix11, which will be out this weekend. The default 12x12 font is rather small to fit sufficiently detailed sprites, but I wanted them in there as an example for potential modders/spriters who want to make their own. (Already one spriter has expressed interest in making a set for Cogmind--if that set comes to fruition, I'll put it in the files section.)

Aside from making the game more accessible to those who can't wrap their head around an ASCII map, sprites do have one other advantage: Items are colored by rating rather than type (since types are distinguishable from different images), making comparison a bit quicker.

Here you can see some of the sprites in action:

EDIT: Fix11 was released on 4/14, followed by an even better fix12 on 4/21. The latest release can always be found on the files page (sprites are included). The announcements only went to Bay 12 where many of the players are (11 and 12), though the final release will be announced here on the blog.
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  • Kyzrati

    I totally agree, and have heard the same from others. There are a fair number of people who just can't stand ASCII, though, so I thought I'd enable sprites so that group can experience the game as well, but it's really not quite the same, as we know ;)

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