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IMPORTANT: This prototype is years old now. A much improved commercial version is currently in development by Grid Sage Games. Check it out!

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A few levels into the game...

Muwhaha, terminal corruption! Actually, in the later levels you'll have to look out for EM weapons yourself. Prolonged contact with Programmer class robots is not good for your health...

Aw yeah, now we've got some firepower--found me a prototype launcher! (Fortunately it didn't malfunction on me when I identified it.) Time to wreak some havoc.

First group of enemies to round the corner =

You'd better send that distress signal, little bastard... rockets away!

I'm busy remodeling the city. And if any of those damn Builder class robots show up to repair it, I'll blow them up, too.

Attached a long-range terrain scanner. Now I've just got to locate a Tunneler and steal his terrain analyzer to get better density analysis.

Status screen:

A terrain scanner can be useful for uncovering the layout of nearby areas. Here I had a really powerful version before it got blasted in the most recent battle...

Here's a quick run of levels 1-3 (watch in HD if possible):
This was meant to be a demonstration of how easy the early game is once you know the basics. I should do a shorter demo video of more aspects of the gameplay at some point.

Below are some shots of the default sprites. I prefer ASCII myself (esp. at 12x12), but went ahead and added sprites in fix11 as an example of how to mod the game (see modding.txt).

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