Grand Finale

by Kyzrati on 9.5.12 , under

Okay, maybe not so grand, but definitely final.

Cogmind 7DRL Final is now available from the files page. What changed from fix12? Absolutely nothing!

Over the past couple weeks I've been fooling with Rogue Engine X to add some new features, and had even ported Cogmind to the latest engine version, but decided against releasing that as the final since it 1) slows the game down, 2) hasn't had enough testing, and 3) doesn't include features that Cogmind actually needs. So I reverted to the old engine, and am calling this game done. I didn't receive any more reports of specific problems, so this is it. Sure Cogmind could be even better, but it's already very playable and a lot of fun.

Cogmind fared quite well in the official 7DRL 2012 reviews, seen here, or with screenshots here. Using the 'q' key to change the log verbosity addresses the main concern found by the reviewers, that there wasn't enough combat feedback--my original intention was to keep log clutter down, and make highly detailed information optional since almost all the most important combat information you need to know is already available one way or another: whether or not you hit a target can be seen if the projectile stops on it (missed shots fire at other locations), destroyed parts are always reported, and weapons do damage in very small ranges and enemy cores only take a few shots to kill, so the 4 colors indicating damage state are plenty to know how hurt an enemy is and how likely you are to kill it.

I recommend trying out some of the other 7DRLs, since there is a rather large batch of quality games, all for free! I didn't have time to try them all out myself, but Hyrule and Drakefire Chasm were pretty neat, Kitchen Masters is worth a run for the humor, and Fragile Wrath has some interesting mechanics. There're still more I want to try, especially now that the reviews are out and I don't have to blindly test so many random games and hope they're playable...

Update 1.3.2013: Cogmind fared extremely well in the Roguelike of the Year poll, voted most popular 7DRL of 2012 and beating out a large portion of other roguelikes from the year. You can see a breakdown of the results here.
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