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The first official Cogmind tournament came to an end on April 8th, 2012. Scores were accepted from any fix version (through the latest fix10), and a total of 16 Cogminds participated.

Seeing as how there have been more than 1,000 downloads in the couple weeks since launch (no doubt with some overlap due to all the version releases), a lot more of you have been playing, so it's too bad we didn't get a few more record sheets. I'm sure a good many Cogminds are still shy since the game is admittedly rather difficult, but with only 10 levels, making it an easier game would have detracted somewhat from its replayability. (About me: I hail from the heyday of true video games, which were hard as hell and actually presented a real challenge rather than simply being a form of entertainment.) And as Aoi has proven, it's not impossible to escape the Overmind's subterranean city!

Enough introduction, on to the scores...

You can see how each player did by checking out their specific record sheet below (Note: Columns are sortable by clicking on headers).
TOP 10:

'Mind Score Level
Aoi 23795 Surface (record)
Micha 23472 8/Research (record)
Tarran 18371 8/Research (record)
gimlet 13415 6/Factory (record)
Jesse Houston 12656 5/Factory (record)
AlStar 11404 7/Factory (record)
badger_pl 6669 6/Factory (record)
a.f. 6236 6/Factory (record)
Toaster 6233 6/Factory (record)
Euchre Jack 5959 6/Factory (record)
Congratulations to all the winners!

Notable Achievements:

Achievement 'Mind Description
Terminator AlStar Highest robot kill rate
Researcher Euchre Jack Best prototype identification rate
Hijacker AlStar Highest rate of Hauler interceptions
Power Monger Euchre Jack Most power source slots
Roadster Jesse Houston Most propulsion slots
Flyboy Jesse Houston Most flight units
Executioner scelly9 Most weapon slots
Escapist Euchre Jack Traveled furthest in shortest amount of time
Underdog mtadd Traveled furthest with weakest peak rating
Skirmisher Euchre Jack Highest rate of tactical retreats
Rambo scelly9 Lowest rate of tactical retreats
Ninja scelly9 Lowest kill rate for distance traveled
Scavenger Euchre Jack Highest percentage of salvage recovered
Euchre Jack took a surprising number of the achievements, and scelly9 managed to take both Rambo and Ninja with his huge number of weapon slots in the early game. It would've been easy for someone to knowingly take a given achievement through very intentional play, but no one knew about the list beforehand but me. Ties were broken in favor of whoever submitted first.

Special Mentions:
Aoi - Honorary first Cogmind to escape to the surface
Orb - Honorary first Cogmind to reach Research
Dariush - A lot of the early fixes were updated based on suggestions by Dariush; also thanks to gimlet, AlStar, Micha, and others on Bay 12 for all the other ideas that helped make Cogmind even better!

For the curious, I've uploaded my own record here (score: 12147). I haven't had much time to play myself, since I've spent most of my free time coding the fixes, and that one game took me a week to finish! I didn't do much point farming, and by the end I had to start sprinting just to end my game in time--definitely a bad idea if you're not built for it... Got trapped and shot to pieces:
Yes, that's 2 Behemoths, 5 Programmers, and 3 Sentries; who knows what else was around the corner :)

Even though the tournament is over, keep sending in your scores and I'll add them to the high scores page, which will be updated indefinitely. (Future score charts will carry version numbers if/when changes begin to affect fairness/gameplay.) I will probably hold another tournament in the future, the frequency depending mostly on if/how much more development goes into Cogmind.

Fix11 is mostly done, and will be available soon.
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