Fix2... Fix3... and so on

by Kyzrati on 27.3.12 , under

There have been a couple new bugfixes uploaded over the past few days. Scores from any post-7DRL fix version are valid for the competition, since they don't include any content modifications, but you really should get the latest version to avoid potential crashes.

Most of the players are hanging out over in the Bay 12 thread, so announcements have been going there. There you'll also find strategy discussions, and some more insights into the game.

Some were finding the game a bit difficult, but the early levels shouldn't be too hard at all once you learn how to play. To show how easy it can be, I recorded a quick run of levels 1-3 (HD highly recommended):

I didn't even play very carefully in that run, but beyond level 3 is the Factory, where the game finally starts to get a little tough and you might have to start making some harder decisions... Level 8 and beyond is for the pros, but I have yet to see anyone make it quite that far.

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