Fix11: Final Candidate

by Kyzrati on 11.4.12 , under

Apparently a lot of people are enjoying Cogmind, but it would take a lot more time to make it much better than it already is, so I'll be pausing development soon to resume heavy work on X@COM. I may come back to it at some point, but no promises yet.

The upcoming fix11 is a final release candidate; that is, it will probably be the last version to include new features for testing before "Cogmind 7DRL final" is eventually released.

So tell me what you'd like to see in the final version of the game. The changelog for fix11 currently looks like this:
  • MOD: Single-space map shifting no longer allowed via vi-keys (overlapped with part detachment--use Shift mod to jump instead)
  • MOD: Suicide/restart moved to Alt-F10 (to avoid accidents)
  • NEW: Large fonts/resolution (see README)
  • NEW: Autopathing (F4) (left-clicking anywhere on the map travels there)
  • NEW: Reswapping (Shift-Alt-r) (reverses the last swap action)
  • NEW: Undo drop (Shift-Alt-d)
  • NEW: HUD flashes heat line as overheating becomes more serious
  • NEW: More stats stored in record sheet (favorite parts, kill streaks, play time, max inventory)
  • NEW: Toggle to force cursor centering on move (Ctrl-F4) (always centers cursor on Cogmind during movement to ensure the scan window shows the item at his current position--has no effect while cursor is hidden, in which case the scan window always works this way by default)

Only easily-implemented suggestions similar to those made in previous fixes will be entertained--any wild/fanciful/complex mods will be added to my design notes, so feel free to offer those as well, but please don't expect to see them in the 7DRL version.

I'm considering enabling "basic" tileset support (separate glyphs for map objects--not full-color solid sprites), but I would need confirmation that someone with the experience and skill is 100% going to do it before committing the necessary time, since it would require some nontrivial code changes to implement under the current system.

Fix11 comes with a simple modding guide for those who want to play with the game (as opposed to play the game :).

Fix11 also comes with a lot more font sizes, so you can let Cogmind spread across your entire screen--I know one dude is playing on his TV, so this should help him, along with anyone else who prefers fullscreen mode. The more stylish fonts also look cooler and are more readable at larger sizes.

Check out one of the huge fonts on my screen (definitely click on this to see it in all its massive glory):

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