Cogmind Alpha Access is here!

by Kyzrati on 2.6.15 , under

Two years of development on the foundation set by Cogmind 7DRL has turned the game into a great new roguelike, the first public version of which was released on May 19, 2015.

The launch was a success (it was reported in Rock, Paper, Shotgun, too!) and we have a growing community found in the forums, subreddit, and fledgling wiki.

Check out the epic launch trailer, taking ASCII roguelikes where they've never gone before!:

The full version will be out some time in 2016, but for anyone eager to join development and discuss Cogmind's future, the Alpha already provides a complete and enjoyable experience! Buy now to help make the game even better! 

This will be the last post on this blog, which will remain here for reference and to continue providing access to the free 7DRL version!
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  • tivasyk

    kyzrati thank you! will have to look into it. also $30… i love spending some cash on indie games from time to time, but that's a bit too much for just one game. still, will see.

  • Kyzrati

    Would love to have your support, though I do understand it's not accessible to everyone at this time. The price is temporary--it will go down next year, and be on Steam/GOG, too. If you'd like a reminder when that happens, sign up for the one-time notification email, which you can do at the top right of the buy page :D (Still much to do before we reach that point, though!)

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