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by Kyzrati on 25.3.12 , under

The Cogmind 7DRL bugfix is here!

Knowing the game had several serious interface bugs that could crash it and ruin an otherwise fun experience, I just couldn't take it any more, and had to fix 'em. I know there are still a couple rare logic bugs lurking in there somewhere, but I haven't been able to reproduce them, and they're sufficiently rare to ignore for now in order to get these more important fixes out to you. Get it on the files page.

Because I wanted to hold a high score competition, in addition to the fixes I also made several modifications regarding scoring. The complete list of changes (from changelog):
  • FIX: If an inventory storage utility is destroyed, reducing your capacity, the last extra item was still shown in your inventory display even though it was already been dropped; trying to do some actions with this ghost item could cause a crash
  • FIX: Game could crash if actions entered while status/data window closing (included inventory actions that automatically close the window)
  • FIX: Game could crash if mouse moved on score window
  • FIX: Item's current state properly shown in data window
  • FIX: No longer allowed to target self (would crash game)
  • FIX: Tunnelers in the scrapyard excavate the level properly (though its really just for fun, since you aren't supposed to hang around there, anyway...)
  • FIX: Suicide shows mission results screen instead of skipping straight to new game
  • MOD: Broken parts shown red in inventory list (as they are in attached parts list)
  • MOD: Reduced score points for robot destruction
  • MOD: Lots more information printed to score record
  • MOD: Added score record integrity value
  • MOD: Data parameters loaded from compressed file (can override it to use public data files, but doing so invalidates score for competition purposes)
  • MOD: Known prototypes still glow on the map, slower than unknown prototypes

And now for the announcement you've been waiting for... Let the HIGH SCORE COMPETITION begin! See the rules page for details (also included with the game as competition.txt)--participation is easy.

The competition is ongoing, but the top ten records submitted by April 8th, 2012 (inclusive) will be immortalized in a blog post summarizing the competition to date. As part of the event, special titles and achievements will also be awarded to players based on a broad analysis of the records, so even if you're not #1 (or not in the top 10), you may earn other forms of recognition.

Only this bugfix version can be used for scoring purposes, so if you want to participate, download the latest version.

I've never done anything like this with a project before. If it works, I may eventually do something similar with X@COM.

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