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(Contents from competition.txt included with game.)

 Cogmind (7DRL 2012) High Score Competition        version: fix12


Compete with other Cogminds! To participate, simply mail in the record of your best game. Read on for details.


* Mail your score sheet (.txt found in the records directory) to (preferably with the tag "[High Score]" in the subject line)
* Be sure to provide the name you'd like to be identified by on the high scores list
* Optional: You can give me a weblink if you want your name to link to some page/site
* The latest scores will usually be published to the blog within a day or so of receipt (see

* Screenshots of the results screen will NOT be accepted!
* Only record files from the "fix" versions (any of them) are valid (excludes only the original 7DRL)
* It doesn't matter if the game is a loss or win, all that's compared is the point total
* Records must have at least 1000 points to be added to the list (if you can't earn at least 1000 points, you probably haven't learned the basics)
* Ties go to the file I receive first
* The high score list will only keep the highest score of each player, so don't email me a whole bunch of files; feel free to send in a higher score if you have a better run, though--higher scores will replace the same player's previous score
* Using the "-openData" command line parameter invalidates your score, since it enables you to load modified game data
* Record files which do not satisfy the validation algorithm will be ignored (don't worry, they will always pass unless you cheated!)

This is an ongoing competition; there is no deadline for participation. Send in your scores whenever you happen to play, and they'll be inserted into the high scores list.

Aside from the high scores list, there are occasional tournaments which, in addition to comparing scores earned in a short period, also recognize players for other achievements. The first official Cogmind tournament ended on April 8th, 2012. You can see the results here:
There may be other tournaments in the future.

 Privacy Statement

All you're sending me is a simple text file (you can see the entirety of its contents), so you don't have to worry that there's any hidden information about you or your computer in there.

Also, I'm just an indie dev, I don't have any interest in abusing your email address.
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